An Interesting Piece


by Never-Trumper Yuval Levin, of the National Review.

I agree with much of the column, but strongly disagree with a few key points that he makes.  The overall thesis of the piece is contained in this quote:

“My sense of the basic facts at issue is that the president’s defenders and his critics are each right about different things.”

Well, yeah…but, as always, it is those devilish details that determine exactly who is right about exactly what. So, Levin believes that:

“The investigation has been undermined, impeded, and obstructed by Trump and those around him, including through demands by the president for personal loyalty from law-enforcement officials and firing or causing the dismissal of a director and deputy director of the FBI.”

Did the president demand “personal loyalty,” as James Comey claims, or did he ask for “honest loyalty,” as Trump claims?  If Comey is telling the truth , well then, Trump was behaving in an autocratic way…if Trump’s version is the truth, then he was asking for the same kind of honesty that any executive would expect from a director who reported to him. And, depending upon which version you believe, Comey’s firing was either an attempt by the president to impede a legitimate investigation, or the dismissal of a disloyal and dishonest subordinate.

I believe that we are still months, if not years away from knowing what has really been going on for the last two years (possibly longer), involving the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, the Trump campaign and administration, and the Deep State.  Levin’s article points out:

“That everybody has a point is really not great news. Each side is making, in its way, an argument about the corruption of our institutions of self-government, and if all were right then the evidence for such corruption would be all the greater. The dynamics created by the resulting standoff seem likely only to further corrupt those same institutions.”

Big Government = Big Corruption.  It’s essentially the libertarian argument, boiled down to it’s basic premise ~ Limit government in order to protect liberty.

“After 9/11 … I stepped up. I was not on the sidelines…”



“I was on the frontlines in the Cold War and I was on the frontlines in the fight against Al Qaeda,” she said in response to a question from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

Director Haspel has spent her entire career with the CIA.  Rand Paul and Jeff Flake did not vote for her, but six Democrats did.

It appeared, in the early stages of her confirmation process, that her involvement in the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would destroy her chances of becoming CIA Director.  It was reported that Haspel went to President Trump and offered to withdraw, but that Trump convinced her that she would have the votes, so she hung in.

My father used to refer to women like Gina Haspel as “tough broads.”  He used the term as a compliment, to describe women who could succeed in a man’s world. Gina Haspel is certainly one tough broad.

Trump Nukes the Deal


Much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the US withdrawal from an agreement that gave the world’s largest state sponsor of terror $150 billion and removed harsh economic sanctions, in exchange for its agreement to allow nuclear inspections of sites of its choosing, and only with 21 days advance notice.  Add to that, the fact that much  of the money that the US sent to Iran went to purchase Russian weapons and missile defense systems,  and…well, it was a pretty crappy deal.  A deal that did not, in any significant way, move Iran closer to denuclearization, and probably did just the opposite.

Paul Mirengoff  of  the Powerline blog has a good (brief!) post on where this move may leave Iran:  “In this troubling economic context, and with protests continuing throughout the land, the Iranian regime must worry about being overthrown by the military. According to Erdbrink, “dissatisfaction over state policies is so widespread that many wonder if the Islamic Republic and its current ideology are even sustainable, fueling talk of bringing in a military strongman to set things straight.” 

Well worth the 2 minute read:


If we are not going through a Constitutional Crisis…

…then, I’m not sure that I know what a Constitutional crisis is.  

It’s hard to listen to this interview of former US Attorney Joe DeGenova and not conclude that the so-called “Deep State”  (a term, by the way, that I don’t like, because it makes the career apparatchiks of our government bureaucracy sound more devious than most of them actually are) has decided that it is far more important, and more powerful, than the elected representatives of our federal government.

So, if Rod Rosenstein does not believe that he answers to the Congress, if Robert Mueller does not believe that he answers to the President, if the leaders of the FBI and the Justice Department do not accept that the Article 2 powers of of the President give him authority over them, then….who do these people answer to??






Millennials growing disillusioned with Democrats?


According to a Reuters-Ipsos poll of 18-34 year olds, support for the Democrat Party  has slipped by 9 points over the last two years.  This decline in support for Democrats has not translated into an increase in support for the GOP, but does seem to reflect a general feeling that Republicans are better on economic issues.

White males have driven much of this change:

“The shift was especially dramatic among young white men, who two years ago favored Democrats but now say they favor Republicans over Democrats by a margin of 46 to 37 percent, the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.”

There appears to be a pretty significant cultural component to this.  Many young white men have apparently decided that there is no place for them in a party that bends over backwards to appeal to minorities and to women.

“The Democratic National Committee declined to comment on the Reuters poll.”

Kanye, America’s Last Rock Star?


So says Matthew Walther of The Week:

“Kanye is America’s last rock star.  This has been clear for ages now, and it is not only a question of personality.  Part of what defined the rock ethos was ambition and a desire to do things that were different or absurd”

My 28 year old son has been telling me for years now (well, at least 4-5 years) that conservatives are the new counter-culture, and it was only a matter of time before millennials grew tired of the baby boomer generation calling all of the shots, having all of the presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, all born between 1946-1964) and controlling the political narratives of both the left and the right.

Granted, my son is a “free-thinker” in the mold of Kanye… pro-gay marriage, pro-choice (although wavering on that one)  and pro-legalization of marijuana ~ but also pro-home schooling, pro-strong borders, pro- Second Amendment, and, most apostate of all, pro-Trump.

I worry if his generation will be allowed to “change the world” in any positive way, given the stranglehold that the tech giants have on media and communications.  If Google doesn’t want you to learn something, how do you find the truth?

Whose child is it, anyway? Update: Little Alfie dies in UK hospital




The UK’s National Health Service has determined that 23 month-old Alfie Evans, who is in a semi-vegetative state, due to a degenerative brain disease, should die sooner rather than later, despite the fact that his parents are not yet ready to say good-bye.  British courts have determined that it is in Alfie’s best interest that he be “allowed to die,” despite the fact that another country, Italy, has agreed to take him in and provide palliative care for him.  His parents want to take him to Italy, but British courts have ruled that they cannot.

The legal basis for this refusal is a 19th century law that allows the state to protect minors from “abusive” parents.  Apparently, Alfie’s parents, tortured as they are by the experience of having their toddler forcibly removed from his breathing tube, are behaving abusively, by insisting that they, not the NHS, have the right to  make that call.

If the government controls your health care, the government controls you.