Why Trump’s supporters stick with him

Imho, here is why Trump’s supporters stick with him: Trump is navigating a political mine field, in addition to having guns of both parties trained on him, as he attempts to storm the beach.

He has chosen not to play it safe, but to go all out, running as fast as he can and to hell with the fact that he could be blown up at any minute. So far, he has made it. Almost everyone, including me, thinks that his luck can’t hold out much longer, and he will soon be a smoldering carcass. But there are those who see it differently, and view him as a heroic figure. I will admit that, as time has gone on, I have come to understand this view, and to sometimes ~ not always ~ agree with it.

Many will say that the idea of Trump as heroic is ridiculous, even horrifying. But, if you think of it, a guy who runs into a burning building to save an old lady can also be considered stupid ~ why risk your life, against terrible odds, to save someone who is at the end of her life, particularly if you have a wife and children at home who need you? But, if he saves her, he will be called a hero.

Again, my own opinion of the president varies on a scale from 1- 10. Well, more like 2- 8. But, the Democrats have been so vicious, so unreasonable, and so stupid in their own way, that I often choose Trump’s side, just based on my disgust with them.

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