Transgender biological boy wins Connecticut HS state track and field girls championship in 100 and 200 meters

Just as in my home state of NJ, there is no need to have had any hormone treatment or “gender reassignment” surgery.  Just call yourself a girl, and ~ poof!~ you’re a girl, and you can compete in girls’ sports.  Here’s Terry Miller, a male-to-female transgender runner blowing away the biological girls in the 100 meter race:

Oh, and the “girl” who came in second?  She’s a biological boy, as well. Terry Miller not only won both races, but set new state records in both.

It’s clear from the expressions and body language of the non- transgenders in this race, that they are not only disappointed, but disgusted with this turn of events. Imagine  having trained your butt off,  only to have to complete against a biological boy with natural muscle mass far greater than you could ever naturally attain.

This same thing has been happening all over the country.  Most states now allow transgender athletes to compete without having to submit to any form of sex or gender testing. Feminists are supporting this and calling it a civil rights issue.

The International Olympic Committee has now officially embraced a no testing policy and will allow athletes to compete with their natural testosterone levels.  In fact, at Rio, there was no sex testing required of athletes, although that policy had not yet been codified.

What a travesty.   What ever happened to “leveling the playing field?”





Kim and Roseanne and Samantha ~ Oh My!

Despite all kinds of important economic news, both good and bad, the possibility of talks with North Korea back on, and the Royal Wedding finally over, the week’s news was dominated by Roseanne Barr’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett, Kim Kardashian’s visit to the White House to discuss a pardon for Alice Johnson, and Samantha Bee’s  rant about Ivanka Trump.

Kim Kardashian is possibly the most famous reality star next to Donald Trump, so their meeting was certainly interesting from a pop culture standpoint.  And, of course, Kim is married to Kanye West, one of the most important  and influential rap stars in the business, who just so happened to endorse President Trump in a recent series of tweets.  

 But Ms. Kardashian was at the White House to implore the President for a pardon for a Alice Johnson, a 62 year-old African-American great-grandmother, who is serving a life-sentence for acting as a “communications intermediary,”  a go-between, for a multi-million dollar drug ring.  Johnson never sold drugs, and she has been a model prisoner during the 22 years that she has been in prison.   Given the fact that one of the stated goals of the Trump administration is prison reform, it was a perfectly fine idea for the President to invite Kardashian to the Oval Office, especially since Ms. Kardashian has been working tirelessly on the Johnson case for months, and, other than Ms. Johnson’s lawyers, probably knows more about it than anyone else.  

As far as Roseanne tweeting  “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby=vj”?  It was highly offensive and probably racist.  Barr sent the tweet in the middle of the night. By 8 am, she had deleted it and apologized to Jarrett, and by noon, her #1 rated ABC sitcom, “Roseanne” was cancelled, putting Barr and 200+ writers, producers, crew members, and actors out of work.

Samantha Bee, on her TBS cable show, “Full Frontal,” delivered a scripted rant, directed at Ivanka Trump (Warning: bad language is not bleeped out)

The uproar over her comments resulted in “Full Frontal” losing State Farm Insurance as a sponsor, and in TBS forcing Bee to issue an apology for her bad language.  Later in the week the Television Academy (the organization that awards the Emmy’s) gave Samantha Bee a previously announced award for promoting social change, at a dinner that was closed to the press, but at which Ms. Bee (can that be her real name?) reportedly complained that her calling Ms. Trump a “feckless c*nt” was being way overblown. 

I don’t think that “Roseanne” should have been cancelled, but ABC was clearly happy to have an excuse to cancel a show that Trump supporters liked.  I would not have been in favor of the cancellation of “Full Frontal” either.   But, it’s obvious that all of the writers and producers of the show saw nothing wrong with calling Ivanka Trump a vile name, or implying that she and her father might have an inappropriate, incestuous relationship.

It’s been obvious for decades that the left can get away with much more than the right, and that the same mistake that would result in the destruction of a conservative’s career,  merits a mere slap on the wrist for a liberal.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think that Roseanne is particularly conservative, and I have no idea what Samantha Bee really believes.  But the double standard is just fact, and, since Trump’s election, it has gotten worse.

When people say that these are the kinds of things that resulted in the election of Trump in the first place, I completely agree.  And, I find it mind-boggling that the left doesn’t see it….


Is England still a free country? (or, the curious case of Tommy Robinson)

So, here is a photo of  Tommy Robinson being arrested outside of a Leeds courthouse last week.  Who is Tommy Robinson, and what did he do?


Well, the answer to the first question depends on your political viewpoint…If you believe the British authorities, Tommy Robinson is a “far right-wing activist,” a rabble rouser, and an anti-Muslim bigot.  If you believe Robinson’s supporters, he is a “human rights activist,” and  founder of the English Defence League, which opposes mass Islamic immigration.

What did Robinson do?  We know that he was outside of the Leeds courtroom because several Muslim men are on trial there, for sex crimes having to do with grooming children to become sex slaves.  Before he was arrested, Robinson was on Facebook Live, apparently preparing to film interviews with participants and spectators in  the case.  It is of note that Robinson had previously been arrested for  trying to photograph members of another Muslim gang, accused of gang rape.

Robinson’s arrest was fairly uneventful.  He was calm, asked police why he was being arrested, asked if the UK was still a free country, used his smart phone to video the police walking him toward the paddy wagon.  He was taken away ~ and this is where things get weird and scary ~ apparently hauled before a judge, and given a 13 month prison sentence.  Since there is now a ban on all press reporting of his case, no one knows quite what Robinson has been imprisoned for, but some have suggested that he was on probation for his previous filming of the gang-rape defendants, and that the suspended sentence has now been summarily imposed.  But, no one is saying for sure.

Robinson’s supporters have been demonstrating and demanding answers as to what laws Robinson has broken.  Leaders of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) are demanding to know if Robinson is safe and in good health.  Robinson has been held incommunicado, and he has not been seen publicly since his arrest and imprisonment.

Until very recently, Great Britain was a free country.   I’m not sure that it still is…

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”   ~Ronald Reagan

And, now for something completely different….

I subscribe to the YouTube station of a guy named Garren Lazar, who cuts together clips of Peanuts cartoons, so that the characters appear to be singing famous rock and pop songs.   Here’s the Peanuts gang, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Queen.  ( If you like it, there’s plenty more, such as “Free Bird,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd,  “Stayin’ Alive,” by the BeeGees and “Love Shack,” by the B-52’s).

A nice change from politics…

An Interesting Piece


by Never-Trumper Yuval Levin, of the National Review.

I agree with much of the column, but strongly disagree with a few key points that he makes.  The overall thesis of the piece is contained in this quote:

“My sense of the basic facts at issue is that the president’s defenders and his critics are each right about different things.”

Well, yeah…but, as always, it is those devilish details that determine exactly who is right about exactly what. So, Levin believes that:

“The investigation has been undermined, impeded, and obstructed by Trump and those around him, including through demands by the president for personal loyalty from law-enforcement officials and firing or causing the dismissal of a director and deputy director of the FBI.”

Did the president demand “personal loyalty,” as James Comey claims, or did he ask for “honest loyalty,” as Trump claims?  If Comey is telling the truth , well then, Trump was behaving in an autocratic way…if Trump’s version is the truth, then he was asking for the same kind of honesty that any executive would expect from a director who reported to him. And, depending upon which version you believe, Comey’s firing was either an attempt by the president to impede a legitimate investigation, or the dismissal of a disloyal and dishonest subordinate.

I believe that we are still months, if not years away from knowing what has really been going on for the last two years (possibly longer), involving the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, the Trump campaign and administration, and the Deep State.  Levin’s article points out:

“That everybody has a point is really not great news. Each side is making, in its way, an argument about the corruption of our institutions of self-government, and if all were right then the evidence for such corruption would be all the greater. The dynamics created by the resulting standoff seem likely only to further corrupt those same institutions.”

Big Government = Big Corruption.  It’s essentially the libertarian argument, boiled down to it’s basic premise ~ Limit government in order to protect liberty.